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This is me Vinod Bahadur Thapa aka Thapatechnical.
Vinod Bahadur Thapa
ThapaTechnical website is all about creativity and innovative work in the field of Technology.
We provide web development courses videos, MCS important videos and technology videos and articles.
You will get all of my youtube videos source code and you are free to use it and make changes.

Please give us your valuable feedback and suggestions. We appreciate your opinions and will use it to evaluate changes and make improvements on our blog.

Here is my Youtube channel link :)

My name is Vinod Bahadur Thapa. I'm 24years old. I born in Pokhara, Nepal. Currently, I am living in Pune, India. In my family, I live with my papa, mummy and one cute sister, her name is Binita Thapa. I am thankful to God that he gives me such a wonderful family.
I am working as a web developer and I am a Youtuber too. I want to share with you my experiences during Colleges, as Web developers and the problems I faced, the solutions I found and the places I went to.
I hope my blog will guide you, and give you the knowledge that you are looking to...


  1. Create website in responsive HTML and CSS without bootstrap

  2. you are a very nice web developer.

  3. sir i have tried but i can`t post the code on website
    i am hindustani supporter i get an error "tag is not allowed:HTML"
    but i have post this code on your video
    thankyou for this video ..

  4. sir please provide me the code of paytm page( only using html and css. i dont want to insert javascript in it. please give me some basic codes which help me to make this webpage.
    and Your all videos are really good but i got this very later.

  5. sir, please explain payment gateway.

  6. sir ek full e-commerce website create kro php m online full website thoda bada hoga or jada bi time lagega but yee project ek full knowledge hoga kisi bi biggners k liye.sirf ek full online website using html css bootstrap js jq php Awesome rahega sir👍👍

  7. Give me the code of your home page

  8. Thanks for the nodejs vedio it helped me.I couldnt find 2 vedio on nodejs.Can u please share the link

  9. Sir, Please make a complete website front end with html and CSS with something new content that look some unique in comparison of other website.
    Your all videos is too helpful for us.
    Thank you!!

  10. sir i have need sass tutorial video link on my mail.