IoT Technology based Healthcare Products

IoT Technology based Healthcare Products

With a boon in the IoT tech industry, there have been multiple sectors that the industry has helped automate. From Shipment management devices to in home automation products the IoT tech segment makes up a huge product line to help manage different systems in different sectors.

One such sector is the Healthcare Sector. With a steady advancement in health science, there is also a steady rise in the number of diseases that may affect a person’s physical or mental health. According to the World Health Organization on an average one in five people suffer from life-threatening diseases, this number has highly increased in the past 20 years. Diseases such as Asthma, Cancer, and Cholera have become an everyday story in most of the population due to the exposure to extreme pollution and harmful matter in the environment. Humanity is now at a point where being diagnosed for a fatal disease like Asthma is as common as being diagnosed with common fever. Thus, there has to be a constant development in medical science to control the spread of certain diseases and to also cure the sick.

To resolve this issue there has been a development in providing a wide range of IoT tech-enabled medical products to help cure the patients. Some of the most useful products are listed below

1. iRemember:

We usually tend to purchase medicine organizers to help aid the forgetfulness of the elderly or people suffering from diseases like Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Yet no matter how hard we try it is always
a painful task to make them have their medicines religiously. When it comes to diseases like Malaria, Tuberculosis, Cancer, etc not having medicines on time could prove fatal or could cause a lot of damage to the patient. Thus, now with a steady development in Science, there has been a lot of advancement in using IoT technology enabled medicine organizers to help aid the patient forgetfulness. I remember is one such product which can help a patient religiously take his/her medicines on time. I remember comes with a built-in IoT system which can directly pair to the patients mobile phone to help remind, refill, locate or prevent the overdose of a specific drug. The use of such medicine holders provides the user to have a better health by not forgetting to have their medicines on time.

2. Activity Trackers:

During the treatment of fatal diseases, it is highly necessary for the doctors to maintain a documentation of all the everyday activities carried out by the patient. Be it heart rate monitoring for Heart Patients or be it Activity Tracking with Cancer Patients, these trackers help the doctor to examine his/her patients in a way to ensure maximum precision at work. The IoT tech-enabled Activity Trackers comprises multiple sensors and wireless transmission systems which can update the current situation of a patient to his/her respective doctor. These devices can monitor anything and everything from Heart rate to Blood sugar levels, thus preventing a bad situation through accurate and regular monitoring.

3. Asthma Monitor and Controller:

The Global Asthma Report from 2014 shows that a total of 334 million people are affected by Asthma worldwide and this number is increasing exponentially. No matter how hard the government tries, curbing to the ever growing cases of Asthma patients is close to impossible. Most of the deaths occur in low or lower-middle income countries, though the treatment and management of Asthma are not very expensive. Asthma is also one of the under-diagnosed and under-treated diseases causing the death of many patients due to lack of medication or education. An Asthma monitor is an IoT based technology which can be used to monitor and predict an Asthma attack before it occurs. Though the
product is a bit expensive yet considering its advantages it could help prevent the loss of a life. There are also multiple IoT tech-enabled Asthma Pumps for those who tend to lose their pumps as these pumps come with an inbuilt location tracker to track the precise location of the pump.

Thus, the following tech is some of the most useful and productive IoT Healthcare products for helping, curing and aiding the patients.

By Roshan Xavier