How to create a School TimeTable in HTML

Time Table in HTML

How to create a School TimeTable in HTML

Welcome all, In this article, I will show how to create a School TimeTable in HTML. I know you are here from my Youtube video So, Thank you so much that you think my code actually help you.
If you want to be a good front-end developer or want to expert HTML then You should be good at Table in HTML. You should know what is a <table> tag. When to use a table row <tr>
tag or when to usea <td> tag, Ya this is the most asked questions in an interview.

Collspan: To make a cell span more than one column. In simple word, If you want your cell or box to take more than one column space horizontally.

Rowspan: To make a cell span more than one row.

Here is the Source Code Click the below link, It will redirect you to your google drive and simply download the file and feel free to use on your project or website

HTML TimeTable Source Code

Have a Good day :)


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