Web Development folder structure

Best Practice to Organize HTML, CSS Folder Structure, and JavaScript files

  • Make one folder on any Drive of your local machine and give it a name. eg.TestWebsite

  • Go inside that folder and first create an index.html file. This is where we will write our HTML codes. Don't forget to give the extension .html which is the most important.
  • once done with making .html. Create one folder inside ur main folder and give it a name, It will be better if you give CSS. After all, the folder is for CSS file only. Now go to the CSS folder and again make one style.css file. Remember, Extension must be .css
  • Go to your main folder again then make another folder for images and give it a name Images. It will make sense. Now all the images required for your website will be in this folder.

  • If you want to make a separate folder for JavaScript too. But if you write inside ur file, It same.


  1. Can U suggest me which programming language is best for back-end web development..........Please

    1. Bro It is totally depends on the company for which you are applying. Like PHP is mostly used, then .net is used then Now a Day Python/ Django is jsut rocking.. If you go with python will be great.
      These are some JavaScript frameworks that are becoming quite popular these days:
      Node js
      Backbone js
      Ember js

      Hope you get ur answer :)

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  3. Did you publish your source code. If you did, please reply

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