Why I choose YouTube to help others?

Why I choose YouTube to help others?

So my story begins like this

I am working as a web developer. I know must of the languages that are must for any web developer. Not only this, there are many topics where I think I am perfect than others and why I am saying this, you will know later in this article series.

Little about me?

My name is VINOD BAHADUR THAPA. I am 24years old. I born in Pokhara, Nepal. In my family, I live with my papa, mummy and one cute sister, her name is Binita Thapa. I am thankful to God that he gives me such a wonderful family.

Back to Story
I just completed my Master Degree from Pune University, India. But, when I was in the first year of Master in Computer Science. I was preparing for college placement and we all know for this we must know the basics of C, C++ and Data Structure. Though Java, Php, for handling Database SQL, Oracle are also must.

Frankly speaking, I have no idea about the company and all. I don't even know which language to choose to go for advance learning. Then I think it will be better to be an all-rounder, so I decided to learn all the languages out there not in deep but basic so that at least, I can attempt all questions. I know it not a good Idea because we must set priority so that we can master any of the languages rather than just having a basic knowledge.

Now, many of my friends joined coaching classes for same. But I have wifi in my home and one Dell laptop, I prefer online videos and Google for help.

 So, for company placement preparation, I was watching youtube videos for C programming and then I watched most of the topics then I come to Structures, Pointers which is there in C Language.  As I already said, I am from Nepal. I check " Pointers in C in Nepali " on youtube and guessed what, there is not even a  single video on Pointers in Nepali. Then I searched "Structure in C in Nepali" again no result. I feel sad. I don't know why I feel sad because I know Hindi and there are many good and awesome videos on all these topics.
But later on the same night, deep inside my heart again I am thinking like how is this possible like not even a single video on some important topics of C.

Now, at that night only I decide to make the videos on C programming in Nepali. So that when any Nepali faced problem understanding Hindi they can watch my videos and clear the concept. And believe me guys, helping others makes you feel great. God is watching us too :)

Then I completed all the basic and important topics from C language and I am ready to make videos on it.

Nepal, Here comes the ThapaTechnical.

Alright, In my next article I will write why I choose Thapatechnical and How I make videos and Upload it to youtube?