How to Add Preloader in Website Using HTML CSS and JavaScript With Code

How to Add Preloader in Website Using HTML CSS and JavaScript With Code

What is preloader? What is Preloader in HTML Pages

I know, You already have seen many websites where before the whole page loads for the first time or whenever you refresh the page then you see an animation going on the middle of the page till the whole page get loads properly and then that animation on the middle of the page disappears. So that is called the Preloader.

CSS3 Animated Preloader

Why we should use Preloader?

let say you have a very weak connectivity of network at home and then you open any Website on ur browser then at that time the whole website will take time to load. Now If there is no preloader added to the website then at the time of loading the website it the screen will look blank or empty. It will make a user to think that this website might not be working or not up to date But if you used Preloader then instead of the empty page the preloader will appear till the whole page loads. So with this user at least think ya website is working and it may be because of the network it takes time. See How simply preloader makes our user happy.

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