Datepickers in jQueryUI

change month and year easily

Datepickers in jQueryUI

Datepickers in jQuery, which actually comes under jQueryUI, where datepicker allow users to enter dates easily and visually. You can customize the date format, Months and Year, restrict the selectable date ranges and add in buttons and other navigation options easily. This is the beauty of jQueryUI Datepicker.

jQueryUI provides datepicker() method that creates a datepicker. It also gives us the whole new look of the calendar. As we all know that the HTML5 also had one Form type called Date. You can say it as an alternative but we can't modify that. That is the reason why jQuery Datepicker plugin is so famous.

format dd-mm-yy

One more time, A jQuery plugin that attaches a popup calendar to your input fields or shows an inline calendar for selecting individual dates, changes month, change year or date ranges.
But the thing to remember while using datepicker in jquery.
  1. Download the compressed, production jQuery 3.3.1. The link is here.
  2. Download jQueryUI
  3. Remember jQueryUI is in zip format. You have to first convert it into a normal file. Then only select the jquery-ui.min.css and jquery-ui.min.js.
  4. Now simply add the jquery-ui.min.css file inside the head tag.
  5. then inside the script tag Add jQuery 3.3.1. and jquery-ui.min.js. Always remember the sequence matters a lot. You have to first add CSS file then main jquery link then jqueryUI links.
  6. Now simply add the jQuery datepicker inside your code and Run.
  7. You can also change the Date format, Month, Year and Set the range of the date.
How Datepicker Works

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