Wright WR 800 Condenser Microphone Review

Wright WR 800 Condenser Microphone with Free USB Sound Card

My honest review on Wright WR 800 Condenser Microphone with Free USB Sound Card.

You all know me because of my Youtube channel ThapaTechnical. I never used any kind of mike or earphone or microphone for making youtube videos. But later, I start getting comments on my audio part that it's not clear or hard to understand.

Then, I thought and made my mind to purchase a microphone so that I can make my viewers happy.
Believe me, I searched everywhere offline online then finally stuck on WR 800 Condenser Microphone with Free USB Sound Card. I watched many videos and reads many articles on the same microphone.

Then finally I purchased it.

Here are the pros (Advantages)
  • 1: Its build quality is good.
  • 2: It will give you a premium feel.
  • 3: I think this one is the main part that is The sound quality of the WR 800 Condenser Microphone with Free USB Sound Card. Believe me, It is one of the best. You will get a Sound card too that will help you to get a clear voice. Also, you don't need Phantom Power Supply unless you have extra money to buy.
  • 4: In simple word watch my video before and after Jan 2019, then decide it by yourself. Easy enough for you right because there is no voice edited.

Here are the Cons (Disadvantages)
  • 1: More on the sound department let me very clear the output voice will be less but clear. For me sometimes it's like the best out there but only because of my laptop fan noise and It's not one direction kind of mic. It will record voices that are coming from all directions. So be careful But later you can edit those.

So if you want to buy a mic for recording purpose or if you are a youtuber like me then go for it. Because Price is good and It's good for beginners too. Else if you have budgets then there are many more but invest on this. So here is the link: WR 800 Condenser Microphone with Free USB Sound Card.  Go for it and all the best for your career. It will work for you for sure.

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  1. Dear this looks like a paid review.
    Not an honest review.