Publish a Website Online for FREE In Hindi 2019

Publish a Website Online for FREE In Hindi 2019

Welcome, we will see how to put the website or any HTML File online for free on Github in 2019 Hindi. Host any HTML File for free in Hindi 2019.

I know after watching the video you are here So below are the few notes, Which you must read. But before all these

Link for Github Desktop:

GitHub Desktop for Windows
GitHub Desktop for Mac

Here is the Quick Note:

If you are getting a 404 error when trying to put your website online to your Github pages, it means that Github cannot access your files. This means that there may be a few issues: 1. If your account on GitHub has a name: Thapa, then your repository with your page name should be: 2. You need to make sure you have an index.html file spelled correctly inside of your project. 3. I show you an easier and nicer way to put your website online in the Git + Github section where you can add any repo you want to be hosted.

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