How to get the Source Code

How to get the Source Code

Hello all,

I hope you all are fine and I just want you all to read till the end Please. 
It’s been 2years me YouTube kar raha hu. I want to share my feelings about my Health and My Next steps towards my channel to reach to all those who need it. Dekho, In 2 year menei bahoot kuch sikha, samja and menei ye noticed kiya ki jab me video banata hu and usme aap sab ke ache comments and support milta hai, I really feel good and it’s make be happy.  But dekho life is all about Family, Health and Wealth. And I think in sab ke chakkar me, Menei kahi na kahi apne Health ke sath compromise kiya hai and not only health menei kahi na kahi apne aap ko bahar ki duniya  se thoda alag kar liya hai. Not completely else me hota nai idr. But Now I can’t sit more than 4hrs straight on any sofa, chair kuch bhi.. I can’t see laptop screen without specs.  Dekho yaisa nai hai ki 4hrs se Jaida baitna nai ya bina specs ke laptop screen dekh nai sakta but later it’s hurt and my headache starts again.

Now uper ye sab likhne ka matlb ye tha ki Doctor told me not to take tension and just be happy Man. 
I was working as a Web developer and I also did as a Product Engineer. And I gave my 110% to the company but in return I think muje wo khusi nai mil rahi thi jo me chata tha. You know matlb muje company, I want to do something by my own yar and Youtube ne muje ye mauka diya everytime. 
So, I decide and I left my job. And Now I have no active source of Income. I compromise with my Health and now I have no Wealth as well(Paisa) except YouTube earning kaam chalau. 
So, I want to be a full-time YouTuber and Also, want to start something by my own Any Online Startup.

But I need your help and believe me your little help for me is like too much. 
Dekho menei free me source code diye, kitno ko call ke through bhi help kiya but guys, life me ek time aata hai when you realize when you have master degree and you are like 25year old and still yar matlb apko ek phone karidne ke liye sochna prdta hai and that moment you realize, No man I have to do something.  This is not we want from our life and there is endless opportunity in this world ri8. I always try to contact the best in the Tech world jinse me kuch knowledge le saku taki apko youtube me bata saku. And sometimes, I gave money to them taki muje wo bataye kaise hota hai and all.  I know ye batana nai chaiye but menei kya samja is “Hope rakho that you can do anything but plz expect nothing” Or ye bhi ki life me na sabse phele kuch dena sikho then expect something in return only from those jinko apne kuch help kiya ya diya.  

I made videos and explain every piece of code written. Now I have video and you can learn from it but now what I decide is that I will now create a group on WhatsApp most of you have that’s why. And Post all my videos source code on that group only and nowhere else. Because I get the JOIN new feature on Youtube where you need to pay 160rs per month. So, here is how I am simplifying this  And if you want to be added as a member than I want a little amount sorry, but 30rs per month.  And below is my PAYTM and BHIM UPI QR code. Just scan it and you can pay me. Once Done WhatsApp me on 8793592461. Plz if you pay 30rs then only WhatsApp me with ScreenShot and sorry to say plz don't call me on WhatsApp. 

Here is the PAYTM QR CODE

Here is the PhonePay QR Code

PhonePay QR Code


  1. sure bro jo bn pata hai vo krte hai aapke liye :)

  2. aap jhoot bolte hai ki website pe code hai...aap paise leke dete haii

    1. hazaaro lakho rupey dete h loog sikhne ke liye! 30 Rs Kya hota h ! Common sense lagao yaar!
      yaar, thapa bhai kidney bhe maang le to kidney bhe de du m!

  3. Multiple language kese use kare in selected language windows Application in c#