Website against CORONA VIRUS using Bootstrap 4, PHP and MySQL Source Code

Website against CORONA VIRUS using Bootstrap 4, PHP and MySQL Source Code

Let's stay together and fight against coronaVirus. Here is a small contribution from my side, I am creating a dynamic website using PHP and MySQL to spread awareness about Corona Virus and also a solution on how to help others by taking small steps towards the safety of each people living in Earth. I hope through my video you will learn something new and also regarding coronavirus n how we can tackle it. Let's stay Safe n be healthy.

Guys, You all are always there for me. I am always trying to share my knowledge in the form of video with all those who cannot afford to pay for coaching classes n other stuff. But I also my left job to pursue my career as a Freelancer, Online tutor and to be a Youtuber.

Because of coronavirus, everyone is at home. So this is the best time to give yourself time and learn something that makes your future bright. 

I am here with a complete Dynamic responsive website using HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP 4, PHP & MYSQL to spread awareness against coronavirus. 

So to keep in mind I am providing this source code in which actual cost is around 3k in the market but I am trying to set the price as low as I can. Because I want more students can afford it to buy it and learn something new.

So for a limited time period only I am giving it at 99rs. And Once a limited time period ends the source code price will be increased. so don't think too much if you need the code this is the best time. Buy it now.

Here is my PAYTM, GOOGLE PAY, PHONE PAY Number 9518369954. You have to pay 99Rs on this Number. Thanks in advance.

Those who Pay WhatsApp me HERE with a screenshot of payment.  And, those only will get the source code. 

Thank You, you gave your time and read all these.

Stay safe and healthy. Let's fight together against coronavirus. 

Jai Hindi. 

**Updated on 26th March 2020: Now my health is good. Also, the old WhatsApp number is removed and new Number added.**