CRUD Operations using FS Module in NodeJS

Welcome, It's our first challenge video on Node.JS Series. But I think we should have challenges to solve to make our language strong and also it makes our thinking capabilities sharp.

So what exactly we are gonna do today, Before talking about the NodeJS challenge, Here are the prerequisites for today's node.js challenge.

Core Modules in NodeJS (File System). Click here to watch the details video on it.

Alright, now you have the basic requirement to solve today's node.js challenge.

So, here is the challenge. Read all the instructions carefully and try it first before looking into the answers.

 1: Create a folder named it Thapa
 2: Create a file in it named bio.txt and data into it.
 3: Add more data into the file at the end of the existing data.
 4: Read the data without getting the buffer data at first.
 file encoding
 5: Rename the file name to mybio.txt
 6: now delete both the file and the folder?

Also, Here is the video, where I solve all the challenges with step by step explanations.