Complete JavaScript Course in 2021 By Thapa Technical

Welcome, to Complete JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners in Hindi in 2021. We will cover Basic to Advanced JavaScript, Modern JavaScript, OOPS in JavaScript in Hindi. 

We go through 15+ JavaScript Interview questions and answers, 20+ Challenges in JavaScript in Hindi. In the end, we will create 7+ Projects in JavaScript in Hindi and Many Bonus Topics like API, WEB API, JSON, AJAX, and many more all in One Complete #JavaScript Course in Hindi. 

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Here are the Prerequisite of the Video (Which is not mandatory)


Good news is I already uploaded a video on both HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3. You can check my video which is the best and complete video on the internet in Hindi.  

Q: Why I choose to install NodeJS to run the JavaScript file in VS Code Terminal?

I thought it will be a lot better and easy for us to code and run the file in the same place instead of writing one place then copy it open the browser then console again paste then run. That's why use VS Code editor installs node js and run JavaScript file easily. 

Click Here To Install Node JS 

If you want to have a look, I already uploaded a video on Node JS on how to install it and also a complete tutorial on it.

Q: Which Editor I used in the video? 

I used the VS Code Editor because it is easy and simple to use and offers awesome functionality to developers and makes our life easy.

Here is the Source Code of my index.js file. Or you can click here to get it If you have a GitHub account.


Click here for GitHub Code Link