React JS 17.0.2 in one video By Thapa Technical

Complete React JS Tutorial with 5 Projects In 2021

Steps, we will cover in our Complete React JS Projects 👇

  1. Install the Recommended version of NodeJS

  2. Click Node JS

  3. check the version of NodeJS node -v on cmd

  4. What is React?

  5. Install React JS in our system using " npx create-react-app app_name "

  6. Go to the main directory by typing cd app_name

  7. How to run the React Project 🤔 Oooo It's simple
    just write the npm or yarn start command

  8. Understand the folder Structure

  9. Remove the Boiler Plate

  10. What's New in React 17th Version? We will see it after our first component.

  11. Vs Code Extension to make our React life Easy
    1. VS Code JavaScript (ES6) snippets

    2. ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets

  12. Hello World In React JS

  13. Our First Component in React JS
    • Three things are mandatory & that are
      import React from "react"
      any one function (functional Component)
      It should always return JSX.

  14. After React 17.0 Version, Now no need to write
    import React from "react" Anymore

  15. What is JSX? Rules to write JSX.
    1. It always return single element

    2. use Div or React Fragment to wrap all your JSX Code

    3. ClassName in place of class

    4. Need to close all non closing Tags in JSX

    5. Use camelCase for attributes

  16. Autocomplete for React JSX 😍 Very Important
    1. Open the settings

    2. Open Setting(JSON) file located on Top Right Corner

    3. Add the following Code => "emmet.includeLanguages": {"javascript": "javascriptreact"},

  17. What is Nested Components?
  18. ;
  19. CSS in React JS

  20. Props in React JS

  21. Props Children????

  22. JS important Methods
    1. Map Method

    2. Spread Operator & Many More

  23. Events In React JS

  24. Todo List Projects 
  25. Here is the complete CSS file of Todo List

  26. Weather Application Project
  27. Here is the complete CSS file of Weather Application List

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Complete Code Resturant & Hooks