Your First Program in React Native in 2022

React Native App Online Education 

Welcome Guys, we start working on React Native Projects from this video.  

In this video, we are seeing the preview of the Online Education App in React Native. 

In Online Education App, we make Home Screen, Courses Cards, Course Details, Biodata of Enrolled Students, About Us Screen, Contact Us Screen. Also, we are making only one card and other cards are created automatically using API. 

Then, we have to Install the Expo and create one new project. Then, we learn about How to run the app on Emulator, Mobile, and also on Web Browser

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Below is the source of our React Native Online Education App

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My App.js file source code

Now, we will see what is JSX and what are rules we need to keep in mind while writing it on our React Native app?

IMP: JSX is not a special way to embed HTML in JavaScript. All JSX does is replace a file’s with equivalent calls to React.createElement(), we can see it live on Babel.

  • We can refer to JS variables inside a JSX block by using curly braces.
  • Always return JSX using () or grouping tags. Never give the return value undefined.
  • We can assign JSX elements to a variable, then we can show that variable inside a JSX block.
  • We can assemble different JSX elements like normal HTML. (using view)
  • Any JavaScript expression will work between curly braces, including function calls like {getFullName("vinod ", "Bahadur", "Thapa")}

The below code is for the FlatList Video Tutorial number 9th.