Create Responsive Website using HTML CSS & JavaScript in 2022

Welcome, Today in the video we will see How to Create Responsive Website Using HTML CSS & JavaScript in Hindi. Yes, It's a completely responsive website with a responsive menu. 

I will code from scratch and see each and every line of code and I will explain all, so you can understand the whole process of creating a website in HTML CSS & JavaScript in a professional way in 2022. 

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Prerequisite to create Guess the number game using JavaScript.

1: HTML & CSS for UI 

2: JavaScript for functionality 

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👉 👉 For Complete Free Source Code of the Responsive Website using HTML CSS & JavaScript in 2022 click here:

Here is the complete index.html file Source Code

Here is the complete style.css file Source Code

Here is the complete index.js file Source Code

Hope you love the video.


  1. yaar tum es thra se baki video mai source code kyu nhi dete! bekar mai tumhe etna hate milta ha

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  5. bhai source code yahi pr share kar diya karo please