Introduction to styled components & how to use it in react!!

Styled Component <

About styled-component

Styled-components is a popular library that is used to style React applications. It allows you to build custom components by writing actual CSS in your JavaScript.

What Is Styled-Components?

There are many options you can take when it comes to styling a React application. The traditional way would be to create an external CSS file, then pass the attributes as a string on the className prop.
You can also use the CSS-in-JS technique, where you write the CSS in the JavaScript file. Styled-components takes this approach.

Benefits of using styled-components

  • Automatic critical CSS
  • styled-components keeps track of which components are rendered on a page and only adds their styles

  • No class name bugs
  • styled-components generates a unique class name for the styles

  • Easier deletion of CSS
  • styles are tied to a specific component rather than being added as a class name

  • Simple dynamic styling
  • styles can be added to a component based on props or a theme

  • Painless maintenance
  • styles added to a component is done all in one place, rather than across multiple files

  • Automatic vendor prefixing
  • styled-components handles all of this


Thanks for reading! I hope this article was helpful for you to get started using styled-components with React. Styled-components is a great choice to style a React project thanks to its ease of use and ability to create reusable components.
If you want to learn about Styled-components option to style a React application, check out the above video and follow for more helpful videos!!.