React multipage website!!

React multipage website!!

Hello guys today we are back with an amazing multipage website which is built using the Reactjs, are you excited for this video!!:-) if yes then please watch the video without skipping. In this video i have explained all topics in detail which will help you to create your own website.
Let's have a list of topics which i have covered in this video

  • creating responsive Navbar:
  • The complete responsive Navbar with animation effect,nowadays all are browing the websites in the mobile phone so it's an important task for web designers to create responsive website.

  • Enbuilt google map:
  • Google maps offers numerous advantages so it's again an must and should task to be followed while creating website, i have discussed in detail about how to achieve this so please have a look.

  • Hire me button:
  • We have hire me button which will redirect to the contact us page isn't it amzing idea

  • Our servicess page:
  • Here i have described about the servicess in detail with Read more button & the data will be extracted from API so i suggest you to go and check it.

  • Contact us form:
  • It will refresh the page automaticly after each data entry which will secure your data.

  • Footer:
  • This is very useful for the users.From here you will get easy access to my Youtube channel,instagram,discord & my contact details

  • Note:
  • If you want more videos then please like share and dont forget to subscribe my channel & you can suggest me the topics on which you want me to make video in comment section i will definetly work on it.