Thapa Technical Codefest Winners

Announcing Thapa Technical Code Fest Winners:)

Hello guys,hope you all are doing good!

First of all we would like to thank all of you for participating in the code contest a big round of applause for all the participant's.

Winning a contest is a big deal for those who participate in it with all their hearts and do a lot of hard work to win it & winning a contest is not easy in a world where there is so much competition so if someone wins means they have the caliber to do it and stand strong amongst competitors, and i think hard work should pay u back so Thapa technical is announcing the 3 top winners among 130 participant's and we have shortlisted 15 projects(including the top 3.).

I must say that you guys have done a great job i appreciate your efforts and most important note to all who are not shortlisted please dont give up keep trying practice makes man perfect.

Note 👉 Thapa technical is soon coming up with a one more code contest so i request all of you to "Pull your socks up" for the upcoming contest and give your best and Happy to announce you all that we have added a join button in our chnnels which is coming up with exciting offers and 50% of the revenue which we are getting from this support will be added to the next contest winner's reward

Keep in mind that "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different"!!!


Smruti Ranjan Nayak
Yogesh Dhande

Top 12 Winners

S.n. Name
04 Hasan Naim GitHub Repo Live URL
05 Ajay Gunti GitHub Repo Live URL
06 Gaurav Soni GitHub Repo Live URL
07 Piyush Kumar GitHub Repo Live URL
08 Rahul Das GitHub Repo Live URL
09 Prabir kumar Das GitHub Repo Live URL
10 Amaan Ansari GitHub Repo Live URL
11 Aditya GitHub Repo Live URL
12 Sayani Kar GitHub Repo Live URL
13 Sujoy kumar haldar GitHub Repo Live URL
14 Sujoy kumar haldar GitHub Repo Live URL
15 Shubham GitHub Repo Live URL