Add Loading Animation Effect on any Website For Free

 A loading animation, also known as a "spinner," is a visual element that is used to indicate that a webpage or application is loading content. These animations provide visual feedback to users that something is happening in the background, and they can improve the user experience by helping to reduce perceived waiting times.

There are many ways to add a loading animation to a website, but one popular and easy method is to use a library or plugin that provides pre-built animations that you can customize and integrate into your website for free.

Here are a few ways to add loading animation on a website:

Using a library: One such popular libraries is "," which offers various types of loading animations that can be added to a website by including the library's CSS and JavaScript files and applying the appropriate classes and attributes to the elements.

Using a CSS animation: You can use CSS animations to create a loading spinner. This can be done by creating keyframe animations and applying them to an HTML element. This way you can create a custom loading spinner specific to your website.

Using a GIF or SVG: You can also create a GIF or SVG file of a loading animation and add it to your website. This can be done by adding an <img> or <svg> tag and setting the source to the GIF or SVG file.

Using a CSS preloader: You can use a pre-made CSS preloader and customize it to your preference. This can be done by adding a <div> with a class of the preloader and customizing its CSS properties.

No matter which method you choose, you can add a loading animation to your website for free by using one of these methods. It's important to note that you should apply animation to a specific element that you want to indicate as loading and not to the entire website, otherwise it may cause confusion for the user.

Here is the Link To the Loading Animation website which I used in my video: 

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